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Why is Self Love Important?

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When you lack self-love you lack a sense of worthiness. If you believe that you are unworthy of something you will either prevent yourself from obtaining it or sabotage yourself once you do. That includes happiness.

All aspects of your life are affected by how you feel about yourself.


Maybe you keep dating a**holes or bit*hes? You ask yourself "Why are there no good people in the world?" You don't realize that you're doing it to yourself. You choose them. Your subconscious belief that you're not worthy of a good person, or the person who you are really dreaming of, is what keeps you in that cycle.


The same thing goes for having more money, getting your dream job or home, and anything else you've been dreaming of, and maybe even working towards, but can't seem to obtain.

When deep down you don't feel good enough for what you want you sabotage yourself. Either you procrastinate going for it, push it away when you start getting it, or avoid it altogether.

Instead you go for the easy wins.

You go for things you think you can get. You choose to date losers because you know they'll be impressed by you. You apply to the shitty jobs because you know you'll pass the interview.


If you started eating healthy, then a few days in you might already start cheating. It starts with a small temptation, but then your mind starts to rationalize your bad behavior because deep down you don't really believe that you deserve what you want.

Self Sabotage

Even if you claw your way towards what you want, if you maintain negative beliefs about yourself and what you think you're worthy of, everything you struggled for will eventually crumble. However, if you start with developing positive beliefs about yourself and what you are worthy of, everything falls into place.

The Changes that come from Loving Yourself

Love is wanting the best for yourself. When you love yourself you want the best for yourself. When you want the best for yourself you take less crap, your fight for more of what you want, and you stand up for yourself. When you love yourself, you see when other people are loving you, and when they are using you. When you love yourself, your whole life changes for the better.

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