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What is Self Love? Here’s what it REALLY is…

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I see many people talking about how people should practice self love without explaining what that means. I hear people say we should love ourselves without explaining how to do that. The worst is when I find makeup tutorials disguised as self-love videos. You can not learn to love yourself by doing your makeup.

You can’t start to love yourself by changing the way you look. You can’t start to love yourself by making enough money, buying expensive things, or earning an important job title. These things might feel good in the moment but they’re band aids on a deeper problem.

Self Love is NOT about

  • being flawless

  • being better than anyone

  • being special in any way

  • trying to become worthy

  • feeling like you’ve achieved things

  • feeling like you haven’t made any mistakes

  • lowering your standards

Self Love IS

  • loving yourself no matter what you look like

  • knowing that you deserve to be healthy and happy

  • loving yourself no matter what you have

  • knowing that you have made mistakes, and that it’s ok

  • knowing that failure is a part of life for everyone, and that everyone has obstacles

  • knowing that you are free to forgive yourself even if others won’t forgive you

  • accepting yourself exactly where you are while striving for growth

It’s not about being entitled to an easy life or having things handed to you. It’s about having the courage to challenge yourself and not letting anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough to try. It’s about truly believing you deserve to be here and you deserve to participate in life in every aspect you want. It’s about wanting the best for yourself. It’s about respecting yourself, and wanting yourself to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled, and making the necessary effort to bring those things into your experience.

Watch my Self-Love Mini-Movie FREE

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