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I’m going to give you straight answers but I want you to understand the bigger picture and that no matter what is to come that you are creating your reality. If you want a better explanation of how that applies this year you can read my blog post called “2021: messages from my spirit guides”

Part of this comes from intuition, but much comes from research. Please take whatever I say here with a grain of salt. If you disagree with any of my statements please trust yourself. When making predictions like this we need to understand that our conscious minds and personal bias affect our perception, and also that we are collectively creating our reality and things can change in any moment.


Your own life does not need to be negatively impacted by what is to play out in the world. If you would like to understand what I mean you can read my blog post “2021: messages from my spirit guides.”

In my own life, for example, I feel that this year is going to be fantastic. Everything that I’ve been trying to build is finally coming together. Things I’ve been waiting for and hoping for are finally going to manifest into my life this year.

I will be successful doing what I love, helping the world on a level that I have been striving for, and having adventures.

If you have been doing the work, and you focus on letting go of negativity and grudges, and you follow your intuition, this year will be amazing for you as well.

This is the year we reap what we have been sowing. You may not see your blessings for the first few months. Please be patient and trust that it is coming.

Everything that looks and feels chaotic is really just the labour pains the world is feeling as it births a new earth.

I recently re listened to a Dolores Cannon talk, and was reminded that this is the bridge where we really need to focus on matching the vibration of the new earth. That’s the only thing you need to concern yourself with this year.



I see Biden being inaugurated.

Many people in the government and military will not follow Biden. There is a quiet split within these institutions. There is a covert plan to remove him. They are aware that he is owned by China and that serving him is serving China.

I see in a few months Biden being arrested by either the military or the FBI. I had originally thought it would happen on inauguration day (or that a coup would take place) but now I think that there will be a strategic delay.


China is being used as the fall guy for a bigger agenda by the globalists. Many people including those in the government and law enforcement agencies believe China is the problem, however there is another level to the agenda which leads to the globalists, who include the leader of the CCP but are not limited to the CCP.

The Globalists include certain people of influence from countries around the world.

World War three has been going on for quite some time already. It has been a Cold War.


I keep repeating that Trump can’t save us. He is a pawn in the Globalist agenda. He will keep looking to blame China and we will all be manipulated to miss what’s really going on as our rights disappear.

He has been framed as a highly polarized figure in order to keep the people divided and distracted, and in a place of disempowered hope. Worldwide people have chosen a side and dug in their heels, forgetting that their neighbor is part of their human family despite their political opinion.

We have been divided because if we came together and realized that true enemy is not Biden or Trump or China, but the Lucifarian Globalist cult, we would finally win in a day. We would hang them in the streets and create a better world.

Not having him in office is a blessing because people who thought that placing him in office was THE win will now recognize the people have to do this on our own. People who think Biden is the lesser of two evils will recognize that is not the case as the truth is revealed this year. This should be a catalyst for healing among a divided people.


The virus is real, however its lethality has been greatly exaggerated. Though some may have severe symptoms (as I did) due to the fact that our immune systems have never been exposed to it, it’s basically as innocuous as the flu.

Severe symptoms may cause long term damage, however in my experience it is likely not permanent and will heal over time. In a few months span my lung capacity dramatically improved.

Most people testing positive for Covid do not have Covid. Most people with flu-like symptoms have the flu. Please have compassion for those who are sick as it is a very scary ordeal when real covid tears through your system and the media has told you for months that it will kill you.

We are all being subjected to a massive psyop by institutions with billions of dollars and most of the worlds resources, including the media, social media, and real spies. Your fellow humans have been manipulated. They are not stupid, or heartless, they have been manipulated as have we all.

Agenda 21

The real agenda is agenda 21. It is the agenda for a one world government and world domination by the few.

The lockdowns were not necessary and have done much more harm than good. The pandemic was a plan by the Globalists to destroy the economy and blame China, while China blames the U.S. The economy was built to fail and has been long overdue. This was the plan for a very long time.

They destroyed the economy, as well as many necessary resources such as food, in order to create such desperation that we would accept any proposed solution. Their proposed solution will be UBI and the Great Reset, which is a one world digital currency.

The plan is:

1. Destroy the economy and supply chain

2. Slow inflation begins this year.

3. Implement UBI (universal basic income) by the end of the year

4. Raise interest rates and cause hyperinflation (probably 2022/2023)

5. Propose “the great reset” which is likely a digital currency with a much higher value than the then deflated USD (USD value will affect all other currencies)

6. This will allow everyone to pay off their debt including countries paying off national debt. It will be proposed as the only viable solution to “get us out of this mess” that they caused in the first place. (Govs literally pissing away money for no good reason)

7. Get us used to giving up our rights and freedoms in exchange for “safety and security” including regular vaccines and tracking us.

8. The 5G network will run the facial recognition software that supports the social credit system that is a system to literally enslave us beyond any level we’ve experienced in the modern world. (Literal 1984) It will be implemented over the next couple years without us even noticing.

9. By 2030 they will implement the chip. No man shall buy or sell without the mark of the beast.

Just because it’s their plan doesn’t mean we have to let it happen. WE HAVE TIME. I promise you we have time. There is no need to freak out.

Resistance from the people

Truths will be revealed that will be traumatizing to many people. I’m talking about the horrifying child sex slave trade and things of that level. Credible sources will expose this in credible settings (law enforcement in press release) This will be the last straw waking many people out of a lifelong trance. They will finally understand that the institutions they trust with their lives and livelihoods are corrupt.

As people start to crawl out of the fog from last year and gain clarity on what's really going on, there will be a revolution reminiscent of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It will likely begin when people get hungry enough and realize their government let things get that bad. This will cause more people to start making different life choices and getting off grid.

Lack of Food

Many of us will be guided to prepare for what is to come and will be fine. We will also synchronistically be provided for. Many of us will also be able to provide for others because we have been guided to prepare for such an event.

Others, who are not listening to their guidance, will likely suffer the consequences. Things will be very hard for them this year at certain points especially. Don’t fear for them or focus on them. Focus on creating happiness, love, and connection in your own reality and those you are meant to help will find their way to you. Some need to suffer for their own growth.


I will never take the vaccine. Never.

Those who have taken the vaccine will have whatever outcome is appropriate for them as they are creating their own reality as well.

The vaccine is not the mark of the beast, however it is one step closer to accepting it. Those who accept the vaccine are living in a place of fear and doubt. They do not have faith in themselves nor the creator. They are giving their power away to the institutions that are setting themselves up as false gods.

Those who consistently choose to trust the system over themselves and the universe are walking the path towards the singularity. They are on the negative timeline.

Choose to have faith. Choose to be fearless.


Please know it’s not your job to save everyone. They get to choose their own reality. Choosing the negative timeline is what they need for their own souls’ growth.

Let go of the fear! You are a sovereign being, and the creator of your reality.

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