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How Lacking Self-Love can Screw up Your Whole Life

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I remember when I used to struggle with a complete lack of self-love. I was constantly concerned with how other people saw me and what they thought of me. I was obsessed with things I hated about my body or even my face or hair. I felt like no one would ever love me for who I really am. I put my goals and dreams on the back burner waiting to fix the things I didn’t like about myself, like "I’ll start my Youtube channel when I lose enough weight," and "I’ll finally be worthy of love when I’m rich, hot and famous." I swear these were really the kind of thoughts I had. It was after my long and painful self-love journey that I finally saw things clearly. I was finally free from so many obstacles that had been keeping me from living my life. I was finally free to live, and love, and create, and build the life I dreamt of. I realized that what I learnt the hard way were things that many other people need to know and that I could make the journey quicker and less painful for them. I could help them embody these teachings and free themselves. That’s why I started teaching self-love, and why I developed my 4-module course Unconditional Self-Love which is available in my online video school

Life Makeover Academy.

Join LightCast.TV Here’s some of what you’ll learn Week 1: Deepen Your Self Awareness & Find your Blind-spots How do you really feel, think, and act? How do you talk to yourself? What’s going on that could be influencing how you feel about yourself?

  • How to Ask the Right Questions

  • How to Understand Your Coping Strategies

  • How to End Negative Self Talk

  • How Your Environment Affects How You Feel About Yourself

Week 2: Get to know Who You Really Are & What You Really Want Really get to know yourself, become authentic with yourself and others, understand your worth, and discover your purpose. Get to know who you’re trying to love (meaning you). Find out all sorts of amazing things about yourself that you may not have noticed before and get perspective on how much you really do matter.

  • How to Know Who You Are

  • How to Be Authentic

  • How to Express Your True Self

  • How to Know Your Worth

  • How to Know Your Purpose

Week 3: Learn to Stand Up for Yourself & Be Your own best friend Raise your standards, learn how to put yourself first, set boundaries, get rid of people who treat you poorly.

  • How to know What Love Really Is

  • How to Raise Your Standards

  • How to Stop Being too Nice

  • How to Set Boundaries

Week 4: Learn to Self Validate and Empower Yourself Learn to accept yourself, stop worrying about what other people think of you, become comfortable being alone, and learn how to forgive yourself.

  • Stop Caring What People Think

  • How to Accept Yourself

  • How to Be alone without being Lonely

  • How to Forgive Yourself

  • How to trust yourself

Get my course Unconditional Self-Love

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