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Can You Make Money Being a Good Person? (Why Bad People Get Paid)

Money is energy, and the Universe provides it in exchange for whatever energy we put out. I say those who serve God's will are compensated appropriately. So why then do people make money doing bad things, or doing things that have nothing to do with serving others? As I said it's an exchange. However, you can get money from God, and you can also get money from the Devil. By "God" I mean the creative force of the universe; love energy. By "the devil" I mean the destructive force or fear energy. When you receive you have given something. When you receive money from "God" you have given your energy to serve God's will. You've given it to create more love and connection in the world. When you receive money from the "Devil" you have given your energy to the "demons" to feed off of. You have given it to create more fear and separation in the world. When you give your energy to the negative forces, the destructive forces, you are destroyed. The more you give to destruction the more it destroys you. This is why people who do not serve the will of the Creator, those who serve the ego, tend to be miserable and empty. While those who do serve the Creator tend to be enlightened and fulfilled. So to believe you must conform to the negative ways of the system in order to earn money is to believe in a lie. The old system, constructed out of ego to serve the will of "the devil", or negative forces of the Universe, was made to convince you that you need to submit to that will. It was made to teach you to live in fear. It was made to teach you to imprison yourself. However, the truth is that you are free. The truth is that you have access to everything you need or want. And the only reason why you don't have it is that you have been convinced that it's out of your reach. You have been convinced that you are powerless to receive it. You have been convinced that the only way to receive blessings is to conform to the old system and to serve the ego. We free ourselves by accepting the truth, that we are free. We free ourselves by having faith in the truth, in ourselves, in the divine forces serving us, and in the Universe that is submitting to our will. We free ourselves by being open to receiving and by choosing to serve the will of the Creator. We free ourselves by living without fear and choosing to hold love in our hearts and to extend that love to everything beyond ourselves. As we wake up to the truth as a people, we free ourselves as a people. We shine the light of truth onto the darkness, and we build a new world in alignment with our hearts.

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