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2021: Messages From My Spirit Guides

Be Fearless

There is one clear message that my guides continue to give me for this year. The messages Is do not live in fear. You must choose to be fearless this year. As I write this it is 10:10.

The Angels have given me this message multiple times in multiple ways over the past few weeks. Do not live in fear. Living in fear only assists luciferian agenda. When we live in fear we make bad decisions and we give our power away. I’m going to link to an interview I did recently where the message came through pretty clear.

The message in this interview was translated for Christians. If you are turned off by religious terminology you may not want to listen. Just please understand that we are all speaking of the same concepts using different words.

Also, please note that being fearless does not mean being stupid, nor does it mean being aggressive. When I say being fearless, I mean living in the heart and in truth.

Listen here: Interview

Stop watching the news. Get off social media.

I had been struggling to read the energy for this coming year and I finally figured out why. This morning I listened to my podcast episode called “Predictions for 2020” and I said some things that put everything into perspective for me. The most important thing I said in that episode was that prior to recording it I had been off of social media for quite a while.

I had isolated myself from the news, and all other sources of drama. I had cut off toxic people, and opted out of any conversation that had to do with politics or conspiracies.

By doing this, and meditating much more, I put myself into a position where I could finally hear the divine guidance. I could feel my intuition, and hear my guides, and felt the difference between knowing the truth and fearing the narrative that's been given to us.

I highly recommend to everyone to do the same. Shut off the news, get off of social media, and listen to your guides. Listen to your intuition. Meditate until you have the answers.

You choose your reality

It was very difficult to read this year because there are two opposing energies coming in at the same time. It just feels like confusing chaos. However, I did get the clarity I need to share with you. It started with a synchronicity.

This evening I started scrolling through some old notes on my phone, and found one from mid 2019. It says: there are two different timelines coexisting as one reality. It explained that this was due to the timeline split. It also went on to talk about how people who you never thought would wake up will suddenly wake up and start asking you questions. People who have been very much asleep will finally reach out to the conspiracy theories they once ridiculed for answers.

When I channeled that in mid 2019 I had no idea what was to come in 2020. I had no idea that in 2020 the whole world would change, waking many people up who would then start asking us conspiracy theorists all sorts of questions. I had no idea of all the things that were about to play out.

What that note showed me, besides to trust my intuition, was that the reason it's so hard to read 2021 is because there are different realities playing out at the same time. This is probably the most important reason why it’s very important for me to stay away from telling anyone how certain things will play out throughout the year. Your reality, what you experience this year, is irrelative to what will be happening in the world.

We can see what’s happening on either timeline from where we stand, but that doesn’t mean we will experience the other timeline’s experience. Meaning we might know that there is a riot outside, but we don't have to experience it. We could walk right through it and not be affected by it. We would be unscathed and only have the interactions that are appropriate for us. That’s basically what this year will look like for most people reading this. Walking through chaos and being unaffected.

Seemingly bad things might happen but if you have been focusing on your inner work, healing, and raising your vibration or letting go of things weighing you down, those seemingly bad things will turn out to be one scary step closer to everything you need and have always wanted.

Listen to your guidance (even if it makes no sense)

I will give you an example of my experience so that you can see how this may affect you in your life.

I had been guided to go West. My guides were telling me to buy a van and drive across Canada to the mountains. I was scared to do it on my own, so I asked some friends to get in on the adventure. I ended up trying to plan a trip with a friend where we would rent an RV and drive across the states.

My guides kept telling me I was in the wrong direction. They said “no you need to do it on your own.” They said “you’re not driving across the states you’re going straight across Canada.” They told me I was getting a sprinter van.

When I had been making the plans with my friend, we thought the lockdown would be over in a few weeks. I didn’t know at the time that the lockdown would continue for months and that the borders would be closed. I also thought that I wouldn’t be able to afford a sprinter. Months later, here I am with a sprinter van and the borders are still closed.

The situation right now looks like the borders of each province might close, and that I might not even be allowed to drive across the country. The economic situation seems so fragile that the logical decision would have been to use the van money to buy food or assets and to hunker down where I am.

My guides told me that I will be leaving a bit later than I anticipated, but that it would happen and that it was important. They told me that I would be setting an example for others to remember that they are free. They told me that I need to remind people by example that we can make plans with our lives, we can travel, we can have adventures, we can make money, and we can defy a tyrannical government.

I’m telling you this story so that you will see that you have an internal guidance system that is trying to tell you what you need to do. The problem is it doesn’t always make sense. It might seem illogical. It might be scary. But that’s why it's so important to get over the fear. If we make decisions from a place of fear we will be making decisions that keep us on the wrong timeline. They keep our vibration low. They cause us to make decisions that disempower us and play into the globalist agenda.

When you listen to your guidance, and you obey it fearlessly, you move your life along the new earth timeline. When you obey your guidance fearlessly, you have a lot of fun and things fall into place. You liberate yourself, and you set an example to help liberate the world. You just need to push past that initial apprehension that’s controlled by the part of your brain that just wants to keep you safe.

You may think your life and your actions are meaningless to anyone but yourself, but everything that you are, do, and say ripples out into the world and into the collective consciousness. The microcosm that is your life directly affects the macrocosm that is the world.

You Are Creating The New Earth

There are two different aspects to the predictions of this year. There is what will happen in the world, and what will happen in your life. They are irrelative to each other.

Yes, there will be chaos. Yes, there will be massive changes. There will likely be changes that will make things complicated and even stressful. However, that doesn't mean that it’s the end of the world. It’s only the end of the world as we know it, and that is a blessing in disguise.

Our timeline, the new earth timeline, mirrors the other timeline. So, we will collectively experience many of the same things however the outcome will be completely different. These aspects will play out over years. It’s hard to conceive of how these timelines separate with the 3D mind.

Both timelines will shift towards equality among all countries. They will both shift towards ending world hunger. They will both shift towards ending poverty. They will both shift towards ending debt. They will both shift towards improving the environment, and improving our health.

However, on the negative timeline the globalists present solutions but in reality are simply tightening the noose and disempowering the people. It is the agenda for a one world government. On the positive timeline we take back our power, and decentralize the government. The one key factor that differentiates the two is whether we live in fear and beg to be saved, or choose to be fearless, trust in our divinity and save ourselves.

The most important thing to understand is that we are creating our reality, and energetically this year is a huge opportunity to create the reality that we want. Many of us have been inspired to move further out into nature, to get more in touch with nature, and even to go off grid. If you have been inspired to do things like this it's most likely because you are helping create the new earth.

The song that keeps popping into my head over the past few days is “we shall overcome.” This year focus on creating the reality that you want. Focus on staying positive and keeping your vibration high. Things will get chaotic, but it's a symptom of the old world dying to allow the space to bring in the new earth. We shall overcome.

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