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20 Things you can do to resist the NWO

Here are some ways we can resist the New World Order and manifest the New Earth timelime:

  1. Refuse the vaccine (boost your immune system instead)

  2. Decentralize the population (move out of the city and suburbs into the country)

  3. Buy land if you can. Buy land in groups if thats easier. (Avoid a mortgage/loan)

  4. Become self-sufficient. Get off grid.

  5. Go low tech. Get dumb phones.

  6. Get rid of your debt if you can.

  7. Voice your dissent to anyone and everyone who will listen (social media, the grocery store, the cop who pulled you over for a speeding ticket... politely) while you still can.

  8. Talk to the police and military while you still can (the elite have no power over us except through the police and military, who are people like us)

  9. Don’t fight people, talk to them. They are your family. They are just brainwashed. It’s not their fault. Have patience.

  10. Stop calling people stupid. I know its hard. Give them a safe place to wake up in.

  11. Love people. Love your neighbor. Help people who are struggling.

  12. Love and empower yourself. This includes self-care. You matter.

  13. Barter. Get in the habit if using money free trade.

  14. Let go of attachment to superficial things (you may compromise your rights to hold on to that fancy furniture or condo.)

  15. Non-compliance. Don’t do the dumb shit they mandate. Let them fine you. Contest the fine. Don’t pay it even if you lose.

  16. Focus on the world you want to create, not the one they want you to create. Do not live in fear.

  17. Free yourself. Free yourself in your own life. Its a microcosm of the macrocosm.

  18. Let go, let go, let go. Let go of the fear. Let go of the beliefs you are being manipulated to have. Let go of the need to control or be in control.

  19. Provide for people. Help people. Grow as much food as you can, everywhere you can, including guerilla growing, and give away whatever you dont need.

  20. Have faith, true fearless faith.

Remember, we are creating our reality! Let's create the one we want.

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