A 2 day online retreat for self love & inner healing transformation.

Watch live and interact, and also get access to the replay to watch anytime. Access to the private community for support and new friends.

From the comfort of your home

You can experience a healing transformation with us. Self-love, intuitive guidance, and deep healing. Purge negativity, heal traumas and break through blocks.

Meditation Gratitude

Deep Wound Healing


Natasha Hynes

Natasha Hynes is a self-love mentor and coach. She teaches self-love, confidence, and healing from abuse, depression, eating disorders, addictions, and more.

She has personally overcome narcissistic abuse, codependency, depression, bulimia, body dysmorphia, multiple addictions and debilitating self-hate. Now she helps people achieve breakthroughs in her one-on-one coaching and online courses. You can find her growing catalogue of free online videos on Youtube as well as Facebook.

Clare Angami

Clare is a certified Energetic Alchemist/ Reiki Master & Shaman. Her work combines energy, spiritual, and emotional healing with spiritual guidance and counseling. As an intuitive metaphysical medium and healer, she can help you identify and remove blockages in the body, help you connect on a deeper level with your divine self, and help empower you to get to the next level that serves you to your highest and greatest good.

She is a facilitator and guide for soulful healing. She believes we really are our own healers and must be receptive, willing, and want to do the necessary action steps for lasting transformation.

 Natasha Hynes International