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Learn to love & respect yourself in as fast as 30 days. Gain the confidence to change your life this year.

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Learn to be Confident & Step Into Your Power

“Unconditional Self Love” is made to teach you how to love yourself unconditionally by transforming how you feel and how you see yourself through 20 high value videos that dive deep into the most important aspects of your self identity. This course was created to help you heal on the deepest levels, and build you up from a strong solid foundation. In this 4-module video course I guide you through the steps you need to be able to truly know, respect and unconditionally love yourself.

Bonuses Included

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Learn how to turn your empathy into a superpower.


Empaths have unique obstacles.

In this course we will be learning how to become aware of threats, and how to defend ourselves from them. We will learn how to own what is ours and not what isn’t. We will learn to protect ourselves using techniques such as transmuting energy. We will learn how to safely become open to letting people in again.

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Learn how to take control of your subconscious mind.


Reprogram your subconscious beliefs about yourself with the help of this audio program made to teach you how to re-examine your subconscious beliefs and reprogram them into more loving, self-accepting ones. It’s designed to help you turn thoughts like “I’m not good enough” into “I am more than good enough. I’m awesome.”

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Stop wishing you had someone else's life

Reinvent yourself this year. Become the one other people want to be like. Take your power back from those who have wronged you. Get the courage to make your dreams happen.

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This is an amazing course. The bite-sized chapters are ideal for starting your day during your daily commute. They are engaging, informative, and effective; important tools and a boost of energy to help you through your silent and invisible battles.

Ryan Gordon (Unconditional Self-Love)

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  • What is this?
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Where is this? How do I access it?
    This is an online seminar. You will receive a link to a zoom call. At the time of the event you will be able to join us on the zoom call via the link. You may be prompted to sign in. You will need zoom downloaded on you computer, phone or tablet. You should download zoom and make an account prior to the even time if you have not yet done so.
  • Will people see or hear me?
    You do not have to be on camera or mic. You can passively watch without being seen or heard. You will have the option to chat in the text chat, and at some points the host will invite those who are interested to ask questions or discuss their concerns and experiences via text, audio, or video. If you do plan on participating with audio or video you should have a mic and camera set up and tested on zoom prior to the event.
  • What results should I expect?
    If you follow along and do the work during the seminar, as well as keeping up with the teachings and manifestation exercises (that you will be instructed on during the event), you should expect to see massive transformations within days and weeks of the event. We will be opening up to fast, easy, and exciting manifestations. Some manifestations may take longer, but you should definitely experience exciting changes within a month.
  • What if I'm not satisfied?
    If you decide that you are not satisfied anytime within 30 days of the event you may email us at for a full refund.
  • Do I need to prepare in any way?
    It is advisable to bring paper and a pen to write with. You may also benefit from meditating daily prior to the event. Other than that there is nothing you need to do to prepare.
  • What if I can't make it live?
    You will have access to the replay video of the event for 30 days following the event. You can watch whenever you like as many times as you like for the 30 days. It is advised that you watch on the 8th of august if you can, or if not then as close to the date as possible, however the seminar will be still be helpful whenever you watch it as we are always manifesting our reality.

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No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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