Natasha Hynes International

Due to high demand, coaching packages and payment options have changed.

Here are the 3 options:

1) Initial session (1 hr $97)

One "initial session" is available to anyone. This is a session to get clarity and determine if working with me for the transformation package is suitable.

In the initial session, you will get clarity on

  • What your goals are

  • What your main obstacles are

  • Where you may want to focus for the best results

  • Takeaway tips to get you results whether you continue with me or not

2) Transformation Package 

Personalized plan and regular sessions with me

If in the initial session we both determine that it would be helpful for you to continue with me I will create a customized plan for you. It will include a weekly session (1 hr per week) as well as take-home assignments and exercises.

This is not therapy. This method is results-oriented. The duration of time it will take to meet your goals will be subject to your individual progress (depth of trauma, how much time you invest in your self-work, etc...)

3) Scholarship (Free)

I will be announcing a scholarship program for those who do not have the financial means, to earn (not win) free coaching with me.

This is not a contest. I am happy to donate my time and services to those who can't afford it and don't take it for granted. 

My time and energy is very limited which limits the number of clients I can work with.