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Tea Set

Empowerment Coaching

You will get clarity on

  • What you need or want

  • What is causing your pain

  • Why you feel how you feel

  • What your main obstacles are

  • Where you can focus for the best results

Learn how to

  • Set boundaries

  • Cut toxic people from your life

  • Raise your standards

  • Start Respecting Yourself

  • Build Healthy Relationships



  • Break through mental blocks

  • Shift your perspective

  • Gain Courage

  • Become self-empowered

This is not therapy. This method is feedback and results-oriented.

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email.

Apply for an 8 week package


Fern Leaves

William Kehl

My reading with Natasha Hynes was both insightful and uplifting. She did an excellent job connecting with me and intuiting what I needed to hear. Going into the session, I wanted a black and white answer to a question only I could answer. Natasha pierced through that and helped me to connect with my own self and inner wisdom. She then offered me brilliant guidance around the situation I'm in, helping me to find my own power in this struggle. I would highly recommend her if you're looking for an intuitive guide during a difficult time.


Marcia Turley

Having a conversation with Natasha was extremely powerful. The real take away is that it helped me clear a lot of fear. Her approach was very perceptive, affirming, and has been a tremendous help for me personally and I think she would be a great resource for everyone out there who needs a little push and some support in their lives. She provided me with resources to help alleviate anxiety and restored my faith and I’m starting to believe that it’s true – there really is no need to FREAK OUT.  With Christmas right around the corner and new year almost on our doorstep, I   feel blessed at having discovered her and had a conversation with her.

Let’s hope that in 2022 more people finally start going GOOGLE-LESS. Whatever happens, I’m positive I’ll be booking new sessions with Natasha going forward.

Pink Flowers

Anniina K.

I can definitely recommend

 Natasha. I go to therapy every week, but she got more in less than one hour inside my mind than my therapist has gotten in a year. I felt understood, she was able to give me guidance.

She was focusing on this very moment where and how I can make changes to be the best version of my self now and in the future. I feel relived after talking to her and found answers to my questions

If you are not ready to commit to 8 consecutive session (Over 2 months) you may want to try my membership instead.

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