Natasha has been a professional coach since 2016. She focusses on serving empathic and sensitive people who deal with self-hate, shame, and narcissistic abuse.

She is the founder of Life Makeover Academy, an online school for personal and spiritual development. She’s been hosting the syndicated podcast  “Self Love & Spiritual Growth” since its inception in early 2019. A vibrant public speaker, Natasha will be speaking at the "Rise of the Divine" online seminar in August. She is scheduled to publish her next book in early 2022.

She has personally overcome suicidal depression, addiction, body dysmorphia, bulimia and toxic shame from narcissistic abuse.

Her mission is to remind you of who you truly are, a divine being inherently worthy of love and respect from yourself and others. You are here to be the light in a dark world and help us ascend into a brighter future.