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Natasha has been a professional coach since 2016. She focusses on serving empathic and sensitive people learn self-love and confidence without years of therapy by shifting their perspective and reprogramming subconscious beliefs.


She is the founder of LightCast.TV, an online school for personal and spiritual development. She’s been hosting the syndicated podcast  “Self Love & Spiritual Growth” since its inception in early 2019. She is scheduled to release her upcoming book in 2022.


Her vlog Quest Out West on Youtube chronicles her life transformation and adventures as she escaped a toxic situation to move into a camper van and travel to the Canadian Rockies.


Natasha is an advocate for freedom of choice and human rights. Fed up of the tyranny and corruption, in 2021 Natasha ran for office in the federal Canadian election.


She has personally overcome suicidal depression, addiction, body dysmorphia, bulimia and toxic shame from narcissistic abuse.

  • Spiritual Life Coach

  • Online Personal Development School Founder

  • Candidate for People’s Party of Canada

  • Human Rights Advocate

  • Podcast host

  • Youtube Vlogger & content creator

  • Author

  • Narcissistic Abuse survivor


Singer, songwriter, and producer, Natasha aspired to be a breakout recording artist since the age of 15. After successfully releasing multiple songs to local radio and filming her first music video which she directed and edited in 2010, Natasha self-imploded falling into a life-changing depression that would lead her to the brink of death followed by a passionate desire for personal development and spiritual growth. This is the point where she discovered that she had been abused her entire life, and began learning about narcissistic personality disorder.

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