Why Having a Shitty Life is a Good Thing

First, lets be real. If you have a computer or phone and internet access to be reading this blog chances are you’ve got first world problems at worst. Your biggest problem is likely to pale in comparison to the problems of those living in war torn countries and famine. As shitty as you think your life is, there are people who would be thrilled to deal with your shit instead of their own. With that said, our privileged version of problems can still feel like the world is ending for legitimate reasons.

If comparing yourself to those who have it much worse than you do still doesn’t put things into a silver lining perspective maybe this will. Here are some reasons having a “shitty” life is a good thing:

  • Having to work hard gives you a strong work ethic, which can make you generally more successful. It also makes the little things feel easy.
  • Being broke teaches you how to budget like a ninja and be very resourceful.
  • Being heartbroken makes you stronger, less naïve, and more aware of what you need in a relationship for it to last.
  • Taking so much shit from people that you eventually lose your temper helps you get the balls to stand up for yourself.
  • Being sick teaches you to appreciate health, and have more respect for your body.
  • Having no parents teaches you to be independent and probably the importance of connection.

I could go on, but you get the point. There are many lessons you will learn from your struggles that I can’t list here because they are subject to your own experience. Only you will know what you’ve learn once you’ve learnt it.

Having a “shitty” life is also known as attending the school of hard knocks. It’s how you get an amazing education that isn’t taught in any school. So you can either learn, get stronger, and apply your new skills to achieve great things, or you can fuck around and complain for the rest of your life ignoring the opportunity that has been given to you. You can choose to point fingers, complain, and be miserable or you can choose to take responsibility for you life, pull up your socks and do something great.