The One Trick You Need to Believe in Yourself

The One Trick You Need to Believe in Yourself

Maybe you’ve noticed that some days you think “I’m doing it! Things are going great!” and the next day you might be like, “It’s not working! It’s never gonna happen! I suck at life!” Why the dramatic change of opinion? 

The Downward Spiral

The chances of your reality shifting as dramatically as your thoughts in 24 hours (sometimes less) are very slim. Most likely the thing that changed was your mood. Something happened that set you off into a negative downward spiral. Maybe you woke up on top of the world and stubbed your toe on your way to the kitchen. Then when you got to the kitchen you realized you were out of coffee. Then in a drowsy haze you fry up some eggs and burn yourself on the pan (something vegans would refer to as karma). As your day goes on shitty things progressively shift your mood into a darker place until you are sure that God hates you and you should never get out of bed again.

Now from that shitty place see how it feels to say “I can do it!” You might respond to yourself with “Shut up, marshmallow! You’re annoying!” You’re much more likely to talk yourself out of every goal you’ve ever made. So here’s the question; did reality change, or just your perception? Are you really less likely to achieve your goal? No! You just believe in yourself less. Your thoughts are a reflection of your mood not of reality.

The Magic  

However, reality is heavily influenced by whatever you believe. When you believe you can’t you can’t, and when you believe you can you can. Mood = thoughts, repeated thoughts = beliefs, beliefs = reality. So your goal is not to change reality, just your beliefs. You change your beliefs by changing your thoughts. You change your thoughts by changing your… mood!

So if you find yourself thinking you “can’t do it”, and you want to believe in yourself again start by doing ANYTHING to put yourself in a better mood.