Is Your Life Passing You By?

Does This Sound Like You?

I wish I was further along in life than I am. The truth is I should be, but I wasted so many years making these mistakes.

I had given so much of my time to others that I had none left for myself:

Helping is great and we should all do more of it, but not when it’s for the wrong reasons. I needed to feel needed, or valued. I was so desperate to feel worthy of appreciation that I sacrificed all my time and energy when I should have been putting it towards my own goals and growth.

Do you give too much time and energy away?

I spent too much time with the wrong people out of fear of being alone, or the need for connection.

The people you spend the most time with influence you heavily. If you spend your time with ambitious, hard working, healthy people you will become ambitious, hard working and healthy. I spent too much time with alcoholics, and drug addicts, who were flushing their lives down the drain, and much of my time was flushed down with them.

Do the people around you reflect who you want to be?

I distracted myself with meaningless things like TV, partying, etc.. instead of facing my own fear of failure and working on productive things.

When I was young I was fearless and I did so many things just because I felt like it. This of course led to many, many, sometimes epic failures.

Failure leads to success. It’s how you learn. It’s necessary. The problem isn’t failure, it’s how you perceive it. I perceived my failures to be evidence that I was terrible at life, and a big loser. That perspective plagued me with shame, regret, and the fear of more failure. To escape those feelings I distracted myself with TV, partying, random time draining activities, and other people’s agendas.

If I had changed how I saw myself, everything else in my life would have changed with it. However, I didn’t know how… until I did. I eventually learned how to make those changes, and that’s what led me to everything I teach now.

If any of this sounds like you, forgive yourself, and take this opportunity to learn how to make the changes you need.


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