How to Know When You Should Neglect Your Responsibilities

You have a lot to do, too much probably. I bet there are some days you wish you could call in sick to the world. What if I told you there’s probably a lot of stuff you feel like you have to do, but should give yourself permission to ditch?

Will it die?

Will someone or something die if you neglect this? Obviously, I’m talking about kids, pets, or anyone/anything else that’s dependent on you to survive. If the answer is yes then you should NOT neglect this responsibility.

However, you can try to delegate it to someone else. Can you get a sitter? Is there another solution?

Will you die?

I used to work at a sales office that was run by tyrants with no empathy for their employees. We were nothing more than numbers to them. Under no circumstances were we to take more that 2 days off consecutively, and even that was pushing it. So, during flu season everyone came to work sick because if you didn’t you would be fired.

One man in our office pushed through right into pneumonia… and literally died because of it.

If you feel like you need to rest but you don’t have time, MAKE TIME. If you have the choice between dying of pneumonia or neglecting your responsibility at work, then neglect your responsibility at work. If you get fired for it you will figure it out, but at least you will be alive.

You may not be on the verge of death, but I’m sure there are things you hold higher on your priority list than your own health. Humans need rest, sleep, and stress-free fun time to avoid physical and emotional illness, and sometimes, yeah… dying.

Is it worth it?

 Is it taking too much time away from other things you NEED (yes, you NEED adequate sleep… and exercise) while bringing about less than worthwhile results? Working hard does not always translate into results that reflect the time and energy you put in. It’s better to work smart by choosing tasks with the biggest ROI (return on investment). Remember, your time, and energy is an investment. These are limited resources so you want to get the most for them that you can. 

There is something called the Pareto principle, otherwise known as the 80/20 rule, which basically says that 80% of the results you get come from 20% of the effort you make. We do certain things that move the needle, and then we fill the rest of our time with things we feel like we have to do even though they don’t actually yield much in terms of results. What do you do that gets the big results, and what do you do that doesn’t? You can probably afford to stop doing  lot of those time wasters, or at least get someone else to do them. 

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