How to Deal With Assh*les

I am not the type to say that people are either good or bad. As I myself has been hurt and hurt others I know that everyone is capable of being either at any given moment. People are not really assholes, they are BEING and asshole. Some people are just being assholes on a regular basis causing them to likely be labeled an asshole.

In order to understand how to deal with an asshole one must begin by understand why someone is an asshole. When someone acts like an asshole it’s usually coming from a place of hurt. They might feel powerless, frustrated, or resentful. It could be pent up anger that they don’t know how to transmute so instead they transfer it to someone else by being a total d*ck.


They are hurting


It has nothing to do with you

What to do when faced with an assh*le

Get away from them if you can

If you’re able to get away from them you should, but I understand that this is not always an option. You might work or live with an assh*le and it’s not always that easy to leave.

Keep your own feelings in check:

You don’t have to let them get to you. You may not have any control over them and how they treat you but you always have control over how you feel about what they do to you.

Help them transmute their anger

This is a more advanced tip that I will elaborate on in a future video.

Turn the tables:

Give them a taste of their own medicine in a way that sends them running. Literally do back to them what they are doing to you, but without getting emotionally invested. Enforce your boundaries, let them throw a fit until they tire themselves out like a toddler in a tantrum.

You have control over how you feel about what they do to you