At any given moment you are on a different timeline or in a parallel universe creating the illusion of movement through time. Most likely you will be on one that nearly perfectly resembles the one you were just on, and the one you are going to be on, creating an illusion of consistency.

We manifest our reality, not only on an individual level but on a collective level as co-creators.

Some people are in such a different place than most of us mentally and vibratorily that they will jump to an alternate timeline that’s quite far from the one they are currently on. Anyone can do this and it could happen to anyone at anytime, but most people have very rigid thinking which keeps them locked into a certain reality. Those who were ready to experience the event did by jumping to the timeline where we collectively were also ready and manifested the event. Then they came back to the universes where we have not yet experienced it.

The people around them at the time co-witnessing the event were the versions of people who existed on that timeline, not on this one, so if are in new York in this timeline and ask people if they witnessed a big pink cloud or any event -like scenario, they will have no idea what you’re talking about because they never experienced the event.

Now, it get’s deeper. We experience reality on an individual level which means our experience of other people as a generality is a projection of the mind, as is everything else in our reality. When souls interact, as in if you and I have a conversation, I am experiencing a version of you that my mind expects to experience subconsciously, and you are experiencing a version of me that you expect subconsciously. Our interaction is happening between two souls however we are both having individualized experiences… and the time this interaction takes place is only a perception of time because time is a construct of the 3rd dimension and outside of the 3rd dimension it doesn’t exist as you know it.

Just as the concept of 5 minutes can feel like 1 minute to one person and half an hour to another, time is experiential and therefor a projection of the mind. It only exists as you perceive it. So how then do we both set our watches to 11:30 am on Tuesday and meet at the same place at the same time? We both believe that at that time we will expect the other person to be there and that at that moment it is indeed 11:30 on /Tuesday. If you believe that you are late you will be, if you believe that you are on time you will be. However, by “believe” I don’t mean think, I mean a belief that is deeper than you can consciously perceive. Just as if you leave a cup of hot coffee on the table and come back for it later. When you take a sip you might expect it to still be hot and are surprised when it’s cold. You think you believe that it’s still hot, however on a subconscious level your mind has recorded all the activity between when you left the cup and when you picked it up again, and as your subconscious has a deep programmed belief of time as you know it it has an expectation of what will be in the cup that your conscious mind can’t override.

In other words, your subconscious knows how much time has elapsed between sips and knows the coffee should be cold… so how do we learn what to expect? Partly due to what we are taught, and partly due to the collective consciousness. The consciousness of the collective is what creates the matrix that your reality operates in. You experience outcomes that was previously determined by the collective. That’s why your personal decisions on what to expect and how to feel, think, act, and all the inner work you do is important for people beyond yourself. Because the information in your consciousness is part of the collective consciousness and others can draw from that information. When you learn to be a better person, you make it easier for everyone else to do the same.

These are complicated understandings that will become more and more clear to you as you shift into the 5th dimension and your awareness becomes a 5d awareness. Then you won’t need to wrack your brain, it will be obvious to you.

Back to the event:

At the moment many of us are holding the experience away by focussing on the lack. We are in a vibration of disappointment, frustration, and so on.

What you may not realize is that you became aware of the event for multiple purposes. Experiencing the light show is not the ultimate point, there is something much more important behind it. The concept of the event, feeling that it is coming, and collectively discussing it is important in itself to influence you to take your inner work seriously. It brought like-minded people together. When you became in tune with the event and the discussions surrounding it you became in tune to the importance of letting go of your 3d hangups, your pain, and your fear. This work needs to be done and in doing it will bring about the event.

So in short, relax, do the work that matters, and one day soon when you’re not resistant to it you will experience it. Or, something even better and more impressive will have manifested and the light show won’t matter to you anymore.

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