5 Tips to Make Your New Years Resolutions Happen

It’s New Years resolution time, and time to look back at the last year and wonder where the fu*k did the time go? Did you accomplish what you wanted this past year or are you exactly where you were a year ago?

I used to get really depressed around New Years because it was a time that represented my lack of progress and how I fell way short of where I wanted to be. So, I became obsessed with New Years resolutions and making the most of my year. Here’s some of what I’ve learnt:

  1. Limit your goals

My overachiever, perfectionist brain used to want to do everything all at once. I’d list 40 huge goals that I felt like I needed to achieve that year. What happens when you take on too much is that you get spread too thin and end up achieving little to nothing more than burning yourself out.

  1. You can’t prioritize everything.

You can’t have everything at the top of your priority list. A priority list is supposed to make it easier to chose one thing when resources, like time and energy, are limited. If you can only choose 1 thing to accomplish this year which one is it? That’s the one at the top of your list, and it means if at any point you have to chose one thing to spend your time, energy, or money on you spend it on that one thing at the expense of all other goals. Period. If you have extra resources they can be allocated to thing 2, and then thing 3 on your list.

You can’t have everything at the top of your priority list #essentialism

  1. Get obsessed.

The things you hope to achieve but haven’t yet are usually at least somewhat of a challenge, otherwise you would have already done them. It takes hours and hours of chipping away to accomplish most worthwhile things.

It takes hours and hours to get through a Netflix marathon of an entire season or series but it’s not difficult. That’s because you are probably at least a bit obsessed with your favorite show. That’s the kind of obsession you can make use of to get through hours and hours of working towards your goal.

  1. Create habits

Most big goals, especially the ones most of us have on our New Years resolution list every year are ones that require lifestyle changes. Even if you blast your way to the finish line, without good habits you will undo all your hard work in no time.

You want to lose weight? Daily eating, sleeping, stress management, and exercise habits are required. Even if you got all the fat sucked out of your body today, without good habits you will end up right where you started.
You want to be organized? Sure, you can throw everything out today and get it done, but without the required habits you will end up bringing more crap back into your home, leaving it lying around or piled into a “junk drawer” having to start all over.

  1. Focus on the Needle Movers

When I used to make my To-Do list I used to have every little step on my list, but once I’d get through the first few things I’d start to run out of resources (time, and energy). I discovered that there is a thing called the Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule which essentially says that 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of the work.

This means if you chose the right things to do, the 20% that gets the biggest results, aka the “needle movers” you get way more done with way less energy and way less time. In a perfect world we could get everything done. In reality we generally don’t, but you can choose the value of what you do get done.
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