3 Tips To Give No F*cks About Other People’s Opinions

How many times have you stopped yourself from doing or saying something because you were worried about what other people would think? On top of it I’m willing to bet that often enough you’re worried about the opinions of people who aren’t even close to you; Facebook friends, strangers in public, etc…

Who’s living your life? You, or everyone else?


Trust yourself:

One of the most powerful things you can do for yourself and your life is to decide to trust yourself. I’m not saying you should be reckless and ignore good advice. I’m saying, your opinion matters and it should be the first opinion you reference at all times. It’s YOUR life. Don’t take action based solely on what other people want. Ignore people who don’t have your best interest in mind. Listen to those who do… But make your own decisions knowing that you are gonna live with the outcome.


Impress yourself:

Stand up for your beliefs, respect yourself, do things you were scared to do, things that other people said were impossible. Don’t waste your time trying to impress anyone but yourself. Anyone who really cares about you is already impressed.


Get Perspective:

Those people you worry about judging you will judge you no matter what you do (BTW they also judge themselves way harsher than they judge you). So you have a choice, either stay home and off the internet for the rest of your life, keep doing what you’re doing and compromise your decisions on a regular basis only to eventually lay on your death bed with a list of regrets, or do you and f*ck the haters!


Even if some people don’t like your decisions, other people will adore you for them. Choose the right people to surround yourself with, and live your life!