3 Reasons Why People Don’t Achieve Their Goals

Much of the time, the reasons most people don’t achieve their goals in life come down to this:


Fear of failure is something we all have to deal with. You can either run from your fear or face it. Fear is an absolute requirement for success.

Funny enough, people don’t just fear failure, we also fear success. If we succeed it means everything could change which can make us uncomfortable. It also means we would have to keep up the charade and hope no one discovers that we are a total fraud who just got lucky. Success means more responsibility which we don’t know if we could handle.

Lack of confidence

If you’ve ever stopped yourself thinking “I’m not good enough,” “Who am I kidding?” “Who do I think I am?” “Only people who… can do that” then you are sabotaging yourself because you lack confidence. If you find yourself self-sabotaging, procrastinating, or completely avoiding doing what is required to achieve what you want you should start by dealing with what’s going on on your head. Become more confident first and ASAP. It will change your life.

Just take one step, then take another

Not knowing what to do or where to start

Sure it’s helpful to have a tried and true plan handed to you by someone who has already achieved the goal you’re after. However, surprisingly, the key to achieving a goal has little to do with knowing what to do.

Once you have goal clarity, and all the other elements that basically mean “the ability to persevere”, the rest you can figure out. Where there is a will there is a way. You don’t need to know how to do anything but contemplate how to do something, then you simply deal with the one problem in front of you.  Contrarily, you may know the how, but have no will or motivation and then nothing gets done. 

The truth is, that even if you start with a step by step plan, as you progress on your path towards your goal you will come to learn that every individuals journey is unique and you will no doubt have to troubleshoot unexpected obstacles along the way. You will have to set aside the plan and rely on your ability to take on each problem as it comes. 

In other words: just take one step, then take another. 

Be an Achiever 

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